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Reach a busy “on the go” audience.


Reach commuters and pedestrians at multiple touch points throughout their journey. Street Furniture Billboards include the following inventory:
  • Train Stations Billboards
  • Tram Stops
  • Bus Stops
  • Telstra Phone Booth network
STREET FURNITURE delivers maximum reach when used in CBD and inner urban locations due to increased pedestrian traffic passing by.
The broad range of bus, train and tram transportation routes and operation times also means your message will be exposed to a wider audience across major metropolitan and suburban locations.

Impact a busy CBD audience

  • Close to the point of action, they can deliver heightened engagement and drive response for your brand.

  • Flexibility is possible within these types of campaigns as you can narrowcast the area you want to target or build reach across the network

  • Effective at targeting pedestrian traffic before, during & after work

Digtal Campaigns 
Durations from 14 days
Static Campaigns 
Durations from 14 days

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